About me

I'm a passionate renaissance developer. During the past almost 20 years I have developed business standard software, individual ERP systems, ETL processes, process-driven applications as well as interactive web apps. I´m familiar with databases like Oracle DB, PostgreSQL, MySQL and MongoDB and technologies like PL/SQL, Oracle Forms and Reports, Java EE, PHP, Javascript, Typescript, Angular, React, Redux, Node.js, Gulp, HTML5, CSS3, RESTful API, OpenLayers, IndexedDB, JSON, XML, SVN and GIT.

My today´s main focus lies on Javascript which has been evolved from a solely client-side language into a vast ecosystem for front-end and back-end development, desktop and mobile applications as well as command line interface applications. And it´s increasing at a tearing pace.

Browser based applications already dominate on client devices where Javascript is inescapable on. And since Node.js Javascript is also a very popular choice for back-end development in web based projects. Due to the increasing complexity of websites which more often become web applications several frameworks and libraries evolved to offer a more efficient development process. The most popular these days are Angular and React and new ones turn up constantly.

Once you dive into the Javascript ecosystem, chances are that you´ll go deeper and deeper, discover new things and enjoy it more and more!

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